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Casac Benjali is a fast-growing motivational speaker in India and the Middle East. He was born in a middle class family in a small village called Chemmad in the state of Kerala in India. After completing his schooling in his village and nearby places, Salam graduated in Business Administration from the EMEA College of Arts and Sciences at Kondotty under the Calicut University. He wanted to pursue higher studies after graduation but had to work and earn to support his family. In a short span of 4 years, he took up 4 jobs in sales and marketing fields and also tried his luck in business twice, but nothing worked out well. However, he was not ready to lose. In the midst of all this, he resumed his education by joining a distance learning programme in the Master of Business Administration. The continuous experiments and failures gave him huge financial liabilities, which forced Salam to try his luck in new pastures. In 2011, he flew to UAE where he began his career as junior management consultant in a management consultancy company in Abu Dhabi.

In 2015, he left the firm and joined a contracting company as management representative. It was during this period that he began to search the real purpose of his life. Casac Benjali has always been a good public speaker and gained reputation for the same in his college years, proved by his active service and participation in various social and political organisations. However, he had never realized this talent could turn into a good career. When he made up his mind to move forward in this field, he began to learn about the human mind and psychology, joining MSc Psychology in the Madras University in Tamil Nadu, India. His dedicated learning and work, along with the public speaking skills, helped him grow up as a motivational speaker and success coach. Now he is a popular Malayalam motivational speaker in Kerala and the Middle East. He has performed life-changing seminars in major cities in India and abroad. He also works with major companies in the Middle East as corporate trainer in various customized projects. He now renders his services under the Casac Benjali Mindcare Institute as a success coach, spiritual scientist, keynote speaker and business coach too. And the Casac Benjali Mindcare communities formed in different parts of the world help people stay connected, motivated and inspired.

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What We Do

Motivational Speaker

Casac Benjali inspires and motivates you – groups or organisations, leaders and individuals – to be more efficient in what you are doing and take it to a bigger level. He urges you to look into your own mind and find your talents, powers and abilities, thus driving you to grab the positive opportunities around you to see life in a new perspective and make that big change happen. He will guide you to the success in your life that you deserve.

Corporate trainer

Casac Benjali can help you take your company to new heights by instilling a conviction in both the management and employee levels to leap forward to success. Whether you want to move the company to a bigger level or change your performance ways and methods, Casac Benjali is here to help you accelerate the organizational change, and improve your skills and talents to suit the company objectives.

Spiritual scientist

Your mind is the most powerful thing that is always with you. You just have to realize, recognize and utilize it for a better life. Casac Benjali helps you to achieve a strong positive mind, which can raise you to a higher spiritual level with peace of mind, comfort and happiness. He can help you control your mind and emotions, and grow to a higher spiritual level with more energy and power, thus bringing the desired change in your life.

Success coach

Casac Benjali can help you understand what success is and achieve it by crafting strategies and systematic training. You may be a student, sportsperson, artist, home-maker, officer, businessperson, or a retired hand, he helps you recognize and define your success knowing your mind and abilities, and can assist you move towards the goal of your life.

Keynote Speaker

With his excellent presentation and public speaking skills along with wide knowledge, Casac Benjali is the keynote speaker that you have been searching for. He can capture the essence of your programme and highlight the keynote message to your audience in a memorable way, setting the overall tune and context for the whole programme or event. His inspirational talk will definitely move the audiences.


Casac Benjali took initiative to organize a venture and operate it bearing all the financial and other risks. Self-reliance is valued high, just as striving for excellence is an essential feature of entrepreneurs. A highly optimistic person, he always enjoys the risks that come his way. Bringing a positive change in the minds of people is a major goal of this social entrepreneur.

Business Coach

If you are an aspiring businessperson, Casac Benjali can inspire you to get it started at the right time. And if you are running a good business, he can help you reach your goals faster, and make it better and outstanding. He can guide you towards managing your time better, taking actions that earn you profits and driving your business forward. He is here to reignite your passions and redevelop your visions and goals for the business. He can give you continued support and occasional advice to help you recognize ways in which you can bring more success to your business. The regular and structured coaching can provide you a positive approach to management as well as skills for managing the performance of employees to deliver the required results.

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