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Self-Mastery Elite

Two Days’ Intensive Life-Changing Workshop

What is our Mind?

Everybody loves a good change in life. Everybody yearns for success. All wish to have good health and wealth, along with peace, happiness, spirituality and good relations. Most of us believe that circumstances are the reason for our problems; that we would win if we had a good family, that husband/wife or father/mother is the reason for all problems in life, that the society is creating problems, that politicians are messing it all up. We also tend to blame our luck and stars too. We hear and believe in hundreds of such reasons for failure.

Actually, what is the reason for our failure? Who/What is the real reason for the problems in our life?

In Casac Benjali’s life changing seminar ‘Self-Mastery Elite’, you will be able to learn how to change your entire life from one point to another – from poverty to richness, ill-health to health, zero to hero, from depression to peacefulness, sadness to happiness, from bad relationship to healthy relationship, and above all, from failure to success.

Mr Casac Benjali teaches you how to identify the real problems in your life and will guide you to fix them. Using the accelerated learning system and providing you with learning and exercise materials, the seminar will give you a new vision of life.

The Wonder called Mind

Our mind is the wonder that we beget by birth. The only solution for all our problems is to know and understand our mind, which is a treasure-house of varied powers and abilities. We all have that treasure-house of infinite power inside us, but only a very few recognize and utilize it. The power of mind has been the source of all the discoveries and inventions that man has made and witnessed since time immemorial.

Our mind is like a fertile land, full of nutrients helping the easy growth of any seed sown in it. According to famous psychologist James Allen, man is what his thoughts are. (“As he thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains.” – ‘As He Thinketh’) The thoughts that pass through our mind always get realized in our life. Each thought that we think of continuously gets imprinted in our sub-conscious mind, which in turn creates the circumstance to experience it through the law of attraction.

The wonders of the world, from the Pyramids to the Taj Mahal, which still remain proudly without being beaten by time or weather, each was born first in the mind of a human being. It was through the power of his mind that Thomas Alva Edison, who didn’t have even primary education, patented about 4000 inventions. Henry Ford, who changed the course of the human race by inventing the motor vehicle, didn’t have any higher education or engineering degree to his credit. He too led the world by the power of his mind. Same is the case of the Wright Brothers who gifted the world with the wonder called airplane. Beethoven who was deaf became the greatest musician of all times through the power of his mind only.

If we sow the seeds of tomato we can harvest tomato. We cannot reap cucumber by sowing the seeds of tomato. Our life too is as simple as this. When your thoughts are positive, you bring more positivity to your mind and thus to your life. When your thoughts tend to be negative, it brings negativity to your life. A disorganized mind always attracts more negative thought. A positive mindset requires conscious effort to cultivate a habit of positive thinking.

Childhood programing

The human mind develops during the age of 0-8 years, during which period a child’s mind will be 100% receptive of the influence of the subconscious mind. It doesn’t reason or object to any command given to it. It receives everything as such and will believe too. Images and emotions are the language of the subconscious mind. That means, a child will not realize the meaning of a word, but rather understands the images and emotions related to a word. That may explain why children may not do some things that we tell them to. .

The human mind is always conditioned as positive or negative. Our mind is highly influenced by the programming or conditioning in our childhood. Most of us experience the result of the mental programming set during our childhood, which is made up of our experiences including our parents’ behavior, childhood stories, response of teachers and other people, as well as cultural, political and religious influence.

We only need to observe our own lives to understand this. Our life is only a photocopy of the conditioning of our mind. Everything including our health, wealth and relationships do happen according to the programming of our mind since childhood. We need to re-programme our mind if we wish to bring any change in our life. Our circumstances will not change unless there is a change in our mind.

How can we Re-programme our Mind?

In order to re-programme our mind to achieve our wishes in life, we need to understand how the mind works. We all have user manuals for the things we buy, but we don’t know how to use the most powerful thing that we have – our mind. The Benjali International Self-Mastery Programme is a training programme that helps you achieve the dreams of your life by re-programming your mind easily in a very short time. This Programme helps you to achieve health, wealth, success, peace, happiness and good relations by re-programming your mind scientifically.


  • What is human mind?
  • How the human mind works?
  • What is the law of attraction?
  • How fear grows in mind and how to overcome that fear?
  • What is the language of mind?
  • How to imagine scientifically?
  • How to give commands to mind?
  • The psychology of wealth
  • Psychology to gain good health
  • Five pillars to gain health
  • How to re-condition mind?

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