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Trainers’ Training Programme

Contributing a bunch of competent trainers to the world is one of the most important goals of the Benjali International . We aim to mould world class trainers who can make changes in their own lives, family, society and the world by systematic training.

Do you want to be a trainer? Do you wish to be a good speaker? Are you confident of dreaming a big success in this field? Then, the Benjali International Trainers’ Training Programme can indeed transform your life. Helped by the training material formed by international-level research, the 8 days’ programme will make you an international trainer.

Along with the complete knowledge to take up training as a profession, you will also be provided training material prepared in the modern method as part of this course.


  • What is training?
  • What all should a trainer learn?
  • How to present?
  • Things to note in training.
  • How to be an effective trainer?
  • How to manage the audience?
  • How to prepare material for training?

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