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Life Breakthrough Programme

The conditioning of our mind since childhood has a great effect on our lives. Our mind interprets any situation or scene based on this conditioning. Sometimes, even situations favourable for success in life tend to end up in catastrophes due to the conditioning of the mind. Tragedies faced in specific mental conditions too affect the conditioning of the mind, just like the experiences in childhood. This may range from visiting a sick person to experiencing or witnessing any accident. Several people suffer from lack of confidence, fear of illness, unnecessary fear, etc. All these problems arise from the negative conditioning of the mind.

The Life Breakthrough Programme comprises of trainings for 100 days done directly or online by the Benjali International, which helps you achieve good mental and physical health along with peace, happiness and confidence, by taking the mind out of this negative conditioning. This training helps you earn a better energetic life, breaking the negative mindset that haunts you always.

This 100-day programme has 6 modules. It helps your mind to completely get out of the negative condition, through the trainings prescribed in each module. This programme helps you get out of the following problems haunting you.

  • Lack of confidence
  • Fear
  • Unnecessary anxiety
  • Lack of happiness
  • Inability to control anger
  • Uncontrollable sadness
  • Continuing failures
  • Fear of illness
  • Continuous setback in relations

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