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Top Seller

Two Days’ Intensive Workshop

Are you a failure in sales? Do you find it difficult to sell your products? Why are you not able to close down your sales? How can you double your sales?

Sale is not only a job, but rather the foundation of every business. The success and failure of an establishment depends on the ability of the salespersons there. Sale is a universal process. Sales are there anywhere and everywhere for every product and business. And for that same reason, sale is a very important factor. It is unfortunate to note that scientific sale skills are taught very less. The sales profession is a career that needs most training.

We all know that each customer is different and unique. We have to deal with each and every one in different ways. Most salespersons can close their sales well if they can understand the nature of the customer. The Top Seller Training Programme helps you to categorize your customers into seven major groups based on their nature and interest. You can double your current sales if you are able to understand the key characteristics of a customer, or if you deal with a customer in the proper method.

Are you still going on about the outdated sales methods? The Top Seller Programme helps you win your sales by training you in the modern sales techniques. This unique training programme, which incorporates modern psychological methods and NLP techniques, teaches you modern sales methods including the Hypnotic Sales.

What is Hypnotic Sales?

Hypnotic sale is a method by which the product is instilled in the sub-conscious mind of the customer, by understanding his/her nature and responding style, and clearing off his/her natural opposition and doubts. This two-day programme helps you to increase your confidence as a salesperson, and to behave and deal more spontaneously and in a result-oriented way.

The result of extensive research for years, this programme helps you to double and triple the gains in your career as a salesperson and in your business. The programme helps you to:

  • Achieve your sales goals consistently.
  • Excel in competition.
  • Learn the proven 7-step sales process.
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem.
  • Boost your communication and presentation skills.
  • Sell more in an energized, peak state.
  • Learn transactional selling to relationship selling.
  • Understand the psychology of sales.
  • Generate more leads from cold calls.
  • Achieve peak potential performance.
  • Know 101 prospecting methods.
  • Know 101 power closing methods.
  • Learn hypnotic selling.
  • Learn specific techniques to create sales.
  • Know 32 new referral methods.
  • Know 24 ways to win customers and double sales.
  • Reach exceeding sales targets.
  • Learn specific formula for success.

What you will learn

  • How to use internet and social media in sales.
  • How to tele-market effectively.
  • How to create instant rapport and build trust.
  • How to master the art of persuasion.
  • How to handle dominant reasons that clients use to avoid buying.
  • How to strengthen the emotional reasons to buy

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