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Speak To Win – Effective Public Speaking Workshop

We know many people with good knowledge and abilities, but not able to reach successful heights mainly because of their failure in presentation skills. They cannot earn the success they dream because of stage-fear and lack of proper public speaking skills. We fail to utilise several good opportunities owing to our inefficiency in effective public speaking. Public speaking is inevitable in professional life, business and socio-political fields. However capable we are, if we are not able to present it effectively we cannot earn the success we deserve in any field.

Sometimes, we find the speech of even very knowledgeable people and writers as horrible because they have not mastered the art of speech. We must also have witnessed instances when even those who can speak well make talks not suiting the occasion.

Do you have stage-fear? Are you afraid of oration? Do you wish to speak well?

How can you become a good public speaker? Is it possible to nurture the ability to speak?

The Speak To Win Programme conducted by the Benjali International is a training to nurture the ability to speak the necessary things in an attractive way. It is an intensive workshop with money-back guarantee which nurtures the ability to speak beautifully in business meets, public programmes and social meets etc. Be a part of the programme and you can bag the dream you have been cherishing for years.

What you will learn

  • How to be a public speaker?
  • Rule of public speaking.
  • How to overcome stage-fear?
  • How to begin a speech?
  • How to manage the contents?
  • How to conclude a speech?
  • How to manage body language?
  • Learn voice modulation techniques.
  • How to manage eye contact with the audience?
  • Methods to improve speaking skill. audience?

What you can earn by attending this programme

  • Ability to speak beautifully in any stage.
  • Confidence to be a public speaker.
  • Effective methods for self-presentation including in interviews.
  • Opportunity to shine in your job and business meetings.

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