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Call Your Destiny

The biggest discovery in the world is to find one’s own way – one’s own abilities and life-goals. Majority of the people just go on living without knowing their abilities and obligation in life. Each and every one of us has a unique obligation that we alone can carry out, because all human beings are different and unique. Going through the world history, we can clearly understand that each personality who re-wrote the world history was an utter failure before realizing his/her mission and obligation.

We all are like that. Most of us do not enjoy our work. We see many who lose their health and peace of mind by their occupation, and become chronic patients. Lakhs of doctors and engineers come out of our colleges every year. But how many engineers make any change in the world order? How many doctors bring any new contribution to the medical field? Very few. How many doctors, engineers and professionals enjoy their work? ‘Very few’ is the answer here also. Why are we not able to enjoy our work? Boredom will be a distant term when we are doing things that we love even for 24 hours, but we toil to complete even 8 hours in our work. Why is it so?

We will never feel bored if we work according to our real abilities and interests. In such a case, work will only increase our energy.

In order to fill our life with happiness and success, to make big changes in the world, we all should recognize our real ability and power. We should recognize our actual goal. One will not be a good doctor, if he had wished to be a footballer and was forced into the medical profession.

Howard Gardner talks about nine ways in which aptitude differs in each person. Each person can be a light for the world if his/her real interest is recognized and nurtured.

The Call Your Destiny Programme conducted by the Benjali International includes scientific tests also to help understand the real abilities inherent in a child. There is nothing bigger that a parent can do than recognizing the real abilities of his/her child and encouraging them. The Two Days’ Intensive Workshop finds the abilities inherent in children and helps them achieve great success in life by encouraging them. The Programme also provides information and guidelines to build up a career based on their interest.

What you will learn

  • What are the interests of a person?
  • How can we know our aptitude/interest?
  • What do we gain by recognizing and nurturing our aptitude/interest?
  • How does aptitude help in success of life?
  • How can we nurture our abilities?

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